"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"

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Joy everywhere

In the wind,
In the breeze,
In the sun,
In the trees.

In a flower,
In a bird,
In a smile,
In a word.

In a look,
In a glance,
In a song,
In a dance.

In the morn,
In the day,
In your home,
On the way.

In your love,
In a friend,
In a hand,
You extend.

If you pause,
If you look,
There is joy
To be took

Any day,
Any where,
Every day…
Every where…



(Flower by the sidewalk on the way to work this morning)

A vacation… any place, any day – a moment of beauty, a smile


“Why not pause an instant? Give in to fun
Enjoy the day’s passing, this golden sun.








Why do you hurry? Come sit a while,
Create a memory, share a smile.”





Why should the grass be green on the other side of the fence?
The happiness we strive for, always in future tense…

– Madhuri



(a sunny afternoon on the shore of the Hudson, just across from downtown Manhattan)

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