"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"


What is the purpose of this blog? Does it have a theme?

Why, no! Does it have to?

It has no purpose, no theme, no specific reason for being.

Just a place to share a thought, a mood, an emotion, an experience… that all too often transcend the bounds of words and language.

An attempt to capture a moment, a glimpse, a facet… of the beauty that surrounds us every day, every where – beauty that can overwhelm us, fill us with joy, leave us absolutely speechless.

A picture can speak a thousand words they say. Well, here goes.



As the night deepens, the traffic on the Hudson river quietens… ceases. The waters grow still and dark. And yet not dark at all… they glow with the colors of Manhattan rising high above them. They seem to hold and absorb into their depths the countless thoughts and dreams of this fascinating metropolis… endless reflection.

Sort of like the mind – in silence, in quiet… turning inward to the myriad thoughts we hold – in introspection, in reflection.

2 Responses to “Reflection…”

  1. archanawas

    Every Moment is the Universe’s game,
    Showing you something in each of its frame,
    What eyes might See a hundred times,
    Remember, its not always the same.

    That the beauty of the Universe’s game,
    Is Change and Change and Change and Change.

  2. Teenie

    Lovely pic ! Interesting to know the poet in you as well :) scribble on !


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