"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"

Snapshots of a storm

The coast guard stands watch in NY harbor as Hurricane Sandy approaches

Fall-ing leaves… a lot fell in the first few hours as the winds picked up

It was nowhere as quiet as the picture! Lashing winds and rain at 60-100 mph

The river rushes in… slowly!

Well, to be fair, the name of this street is River Drive after all !

Inside the apartment complex – as the water started to rise

… and continued to rise…

… and then on into the lobby – and evacuation of the first floor

The leaves of fall – again

Cars slowly vanished into the swirling waters


Lake front property.

A disturbing darkness sets in as the street lights lose power first…

The darkness spreads as the storm rages on

The whole of downtown Manhattan went dark – in a half hour time frame… it was really weird to watch


Dark streets

Passing lights

Fallen trees…

… at every turn

And debris… this board was from none of the nearby building. Impaled onto a blunt tipped railing! Wouldn’t have wanted to be in the path of that

A flooded store… after the waters receded

Downtown Manhattan… day after the storm. Still largely dark

One beacon of light

And a few more

Three days later… the moon lends a hand in trying to light up the NY skyline! Still some ways to go…

The street lights come back on around home. Who knew normal could feel so good!

Fire the imagination

Why do fireworks bring out the child in all of us… feel so good? Is it the feel of the sudden surprise bursting free of light and color into the darkness? Or is it the reaching up into the sky with beauty… beauty that can be seen from miles away?

What is it about fireworks that fire up the imagination?

(Fireworks over the Hudson… no particular occasion – 08/01/2012)


Summer is here!

The word somehow holds within it the thought of long lazy days… fun and frolic… sun, sand, water…

Oh for the vacations of childhood ! – when holidays were measured in seasons, not as “number of paid vacation days” per year :-)

(A kid on the beach, one weekend at Cape Cod)

Within reach again

The final voyages of the Enterprise… by water this time! Still exhilarating to watch!!

The Space Shuttle being shuttled along the Hudson to its final resting place on the Intrepid Museum in NYC. There it will be within the reach of many dreams – ours to see and to wonder over for many years to come.





(on 06-06-2012)




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