"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"


When you do something noble and beautiful, don’t be disappointed if nobody notices – when you cannot tell anyone, though you may feel like shouting it from the rooftops :-) Think of the sun which rises in a beautiful spectacle every morning, while most of its audience still sleeps!

There will always a few who see. The beauty, the warmth, the glow lasts through the day… it spreads and envelops your whole world in light.

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Within reach

“Space, the final frontier… the voyages of the Starship Enterprise… to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before”

I grew up listening to the familiar refrain of this opening sequence from Star Trek, and dreaming of how it would be to explore the far reaches of space…

And then on a bright morning in spring, finally the chance to see our own version of the “Starship Enterprise” – the US space shuttle on its final flight along the Manhattan skyline.

This one hasn’t ever been into space it seems :) … still felt absolutely exhilarating to watch – like the vastness of the universe out there is somehow within reach – all things possible.














(The space shuttle Enterprise mounted on top of a jumbo jet on its farewell flyover across the skies above New York and New Jersey on April 27, 2012)

Joy everywhere

In the wind,
In the breeze,
In the sun,
In the trees.

In a flower,
In a bird,
In a smile,
In a word.

In a look,
In a glance,
In a song,
In a dance.

In the morn,
In the day,
In your home,
On the way.

In your love,
In a friend,
In a hand,
You extend.

If you pause,
If you look,
There is joy
To be took

Any day,
Any where,
Every day…
Every where…



(Flower by the sidewalk on the way to work this morning)

A vacation… any place, any day – a moment of beauty, a smile


“Why not pause an instant? Give in to fun
Enjoy the day’s passing, this golden sun.








Why do you hurry? Come sit a while,
Create a memory, share a smile.”





Why should the grass be green on the other side of the fence?
The happiness we strive for, always in future tense…

– Madhuri



(a sunny afternoon on the shore of the Hudson, just across from downtown Manhattan)

Ever Balanced

Spring is here in full force. It is a gorgeous day. There is beauty everywhere.

My heart joyful at the sight of it all… my steps jaunty, music in my ears.

My mind filling up with worry at the thought of what this is doing to the pollen count – my allergies – oh when will the “million and one” sneezes hit ? – my eyes are already itchy…

Isn’t it fascinating how life balances out? – two sides to everything – even in the smallest of things – a pro for every con, and a con for… you get the logic I am sure :-) Advaita we call it in Indian philosophy.

Got to stop now… I feel the first of those sneezes coming on!


What is the purpose of this blog? Does it have a theme?

Why, no! Does it have to?

It has no purpose, no theme, no specific reason for being.

Just a place to share a thought, a mood, an emotion, an experience… that all too often transcend the bounds of words and language.

An attempt to capture a moment, a glimpse, a facet… of the beauty that surrounds us every day, every where – beauty that can overwhelm us, fill us with joy, leave us absolutely speechless.

A picture can speak a thousand words they say. Well, here goes.



As the night deepens, the traffic on the Hudson river quietens… ceases. The waters grow still and dark. And yet not dark at all… they glow with the colors of Manhattan rising high above them. They seem to hold and absorb into their depths the countless thoughts and dreams of this fascinating metropolis… endless reflection.

Sort of like the mind – in silence, in quiet… turning inward to the myriad thoughts we hold – in introspection, in reflection.

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